PPS Mutual launches risk-only Super Fund


Specialist insurance company PPS Mutual has announced the launch of the PPS Mutual Super Fund, which allows the company to offer a complete life insurance solution for eligible professionals through a PPS Mutual accredited adviser.

The PPS Mutual Super Fund will facilitate Members to fund their insurance premiums via rollover from their standard accumulation super fund. 

The Super Fund approach has been especially requested for younger graduate medical, legal, accounting and engineering professionals and the extra flexibility has become increasingly important for advisers wanting to offer clients the option to pay insurance premiums through super.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Super Fund as it now allows us to offer a complete life insurance solution for eligible professionals,” said Matthew Pilcher, director of proposition for PPS Mutual.

“The launch of the fund is an important step in allowing us to bring the mutual model to a wider selection of adviser clients and offer Australian professionals a radical reappraisal of how life insurance can work.”

PPS Mutual has appointed financial technology and infrastructure company, Sargon, as trustee.

“Sargon is helping PPS Mutual navigate the complex and changing regulatory environment so we’re able to offer the best possible solution to our clients. We’ve chosen to partner with Sargon because of their strong compliance culture. Through the services they provide, we have more time to focus on our advisers and their clients,” said Matthew Pilcher.

 “When you purchase PPS Mutual insurance you’re not just a customer, you’re a member. This means you have a real stake in the business and the profits generated by the products which is a differentiated proposition in the Australian market.”

PPS Mutual is supported by PPS South Africa, the largest multi-disciplinary group of graduate professionals in the world and the largest mutual company in South Africa.  PPS Mutual is based on the proven PPS business model that has been hugely successful in South Africa since the 1940s – sharing over $2.2 billion in profits with Members in the last 10 years.  

PPS Mutual is owned by its Australian professional members who will share in the profits of the products that they buy. 

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