Lending industry leaders launch digital solution to enable old world access to new world commercial finance sector


Australia’s traditional mortgage brokers are among several professional commercial loan referrers set to benefit from the launch of a new digital solution aimed at providing quick, efficient and systematic access to commercial loan facilities.

Backed by an experienced group of lending industry executives, Marketplace.finance has launched a digital solution that recasts the commercial lending value chain. The system enables access to competitive commercial lending facilities to any accredited referrer.

The company is driven by a vision to educate and enable professional referrers to write and manage complex commercial loans regardless of previous time and experience.

“The system and company unveiled today is called Marketplace.finance,” said co-founder and Managing Director, Jean-Pierre Gortan.

“It is backed by 40 years’ of combined industry experience together with a simple proposition that seamlessly integrates within a referrer’s current business as a value-added service and as a scalable proposition to a commercial customer’s capital funding needs”.

Mr Gortan said this new platform addresses industry demand for greater business diversification and to help steer new sources of customer delivery and revenues towards the traditional finance broking and referring sector.

“Various industry groups are pushing sector players like mortgage brokers to overcome a range of market hurdles in order to remain relevant. We are the first to recognise the need to act and provide brokers, and others (advisers, lawyers and accountants for example) with a simple solution to address the fundamental change in finance lending dynamics head on,” Mr Gortan said.

“Our system is a sophisticated commercial funding platform to help accredited referrers manage the entire loan lifecycle from initial inquiry, loan submission to lender relationship. This means enabling the referrer to focus on deepening existing client engagements whilst diversifying their business base to maintain profitability and relevance to new markets,” he said.

Matthew Johnson, co-founder and Managing Director at Marketplace.finance added that the solution not only enables referrers to capitalise and grow within the commercial lending value chain but requires the referrer to wholly own the client.

“We do not wish to disrupt the important nexus between professional referrer and the client. That relationship is sacrosanct and untouched by us,” Mr Johnson said.

“We can see that upskilling of the traditional broking community is essential to extend the diversification and relevance of those referrer partners. That’s primarily why we created this simple solution, with goals of long-term partnerships.

“That vision enables us to impart proven knowledge and experience, help referrer partners to capitalise by plugging revenue gaps and creating a new service proposition in a growth market”, Mr Johnson said.

The platform is now available via Marketplace.finance and the commercial and asset finance broker aggregator, FAST.



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