MFS Prudent Capital Trust Available on BT Wrap


MFS Investment Management is pleased to announce that its MFS Prudent Capital Trust is now available to Australian retail investors through the BT Wrap platform.

The MFS Prudent Capital Trust follows a disciplined strategy of investing in both equity and debt instruments of quality businesses with the flexibility to invest in cash to target a total return over a full market cycle.  It focuses on capital appreciation without being constrained by benchmark, regional or market capitalisation.

Commenting on the launch, Ross Cartwright, managing director, head of retail, Australia and New Zealand, said, “We are delighted to extend the MFS Prudent Capital Trust to Australian self-directed and advisor-managed investors, who seek long-term diversification and performance from a remarkably independent strategy run by exceptional managers.

“Prudent Capital combines discipline, focus and contrarian conviction to make decisions based on security fundamentals, unaffected by market noise or benchmark-driven behavioural risks, making this a popular strategy for investors who prioritise long-term, total return,” he added.

The trust is run by portfolio managers Barnaby Wiener, David Cole and Edward Dearing.

Drawing from MFS’ global research platform, the Prudent Capital team adheres to five core investment principles as it evaluates securities and constructs the portfolio: patience, objectivity, independence, caution and simplicity.

The strategy’s investment composition is in the region of 50% to 90% global equity, 0% to 40% cash or short-term equivalents and 10% to 30% global credit.

MFS Prudent Capital Trust joins the MFS Emerging Markets Equity Trust, the MFS Global Equity Trust and the MFS Global Concentrated Equity Trust as platform-listed solutions in Australia.

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