Mayfair Platinum launches new secure investment product

James Mawhinney

James Mawhinney

Mayfair 101 has launched its second fixed interest investment product, M Core Fixed Income, under its Mayfair Platinum brand in response to increasing demand from investors seeking income producing investments given the current low rate environment.

Following the group’s successful launch of their non-bank alternative investment brand Mayfair Platinum earlier this year, M Core Fixed Income is a new secured, asset-backed investment product available to wholesale investors in the Australian market.

The official launch came as part of Mayfair Platinum’s involvement in the annual Switzer Income Conference which kicked off in Sydney early this week and will visit Melbourne and Brisbane next week. A select launch to existing investors on Monday 4 November is already generating significant interest.

Founder and Managing Director of Mayfair 101 Group, James Mawhinney, said on the announcement, “We’ve been listening closely to investors who are frustrated by the sustained fall in interest rates. M Core Fixed Income has been launched to provide a secure investment proposition for a growing customer base who are finding that earning a low rate of return on their idle money is not only undesirable, but increasingly unsustainable.”

M Core Fixed Income is secured by a pool of assets with an independent trustee overseeing first ranking, registered security interests and dollar-for-dollar backing from a collateral pool. The collateral provided is unencumbered and includes Australian real estate, cash held in the Issuer’s dedicated M Core Fixed Income account, and other Australian assets pledged by Mayfair 101 Group entities.

“We know that there is a growing appetite for non-bank alternatives, but what we keep hearing again and again is that alongside fantastic returns, customers want additional security features in their investment products. M Core Fixed Income is a secured, asset-backed investment product that provides the benefit of the Group’s extensive diversification strategy coupled with our Australian real estate portfolio including our recent strategic investment in Mission Beach and Dunk Island.

“Against the backdrop of record low interest rates, M Core Fixed Income provides customers the opportunity to earn return rates of up to 4.95% per annum on a minimum investment of A$250,000 or above.

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