Winners of 2019 Consumer Choice Awards announced


BT Financial Group (BT) has won The Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and Beddoes Institute (Beddoes) 2019 Consumer Choice Award. OnePath Life and Clearview were runners-up.

AFA CEO Philip Kewin said, “Consumer insights into the quality of life insurance providers are invaluable in helping advisers select policies that meet the needs of their clients and provide great outcomes for them in terms of both product and service. We congratulate the winners of these Awards, who are going above and beyond to meet the customer’s wants and needs.”

The Awards are based on Beddoes’ Total Experience Index (the Index), a customer experience metric specific to the life insurance sector. The Index is a weighted average that represents how a company performs across all significant drivers of life company recommendation.

The Awards also acknowledge insurers who are delivering outstanding outcomes to consumers in specific categories. BT won five of the seven individual category awards, including Value for Money and Most Satisfied Customers in the Policyholder Choice Awards and Best Application Process, Best Claims Staff, Focus on Early Intervention in the Claims Customer Choice Awards. The Return to Health & Wellness category winner was OnePath and Zurich won Best Turnaround Time for claim processing.

Director of the Beddoes Institute, Dr Rebecca Sheils said, “In what can be perceived as one of the more challenging periods for the industry, our research findings show that whilst insurer performance is consistent over the life of a policy, customer ratings have fallen significantly across all stages and touchpoints of a claim. This year’s Award winners were the organisations that bucked this trend, providing an exceptional customer experience across the entire customer journey: from purchase to claim payment and ongoing claims management, and as a result driving customer advocacy and positive word of mouth for their brand, advisers and policies.”

Full list of Award winners and runners-up

Consumer Choice Award

  • Winner: BT Financial Group
  • Runners-Up: One Path Life & Clearview

Policyholder Choice Awards

Value for Money

  • Winner: BT Financial Group
  • Runners-Up: TAL Life & AIA Australia

Most Satisfied Customer

  • Winner: BT Financial Group
  • Runners-Up: AIA Australia & Clearview

Claims Customer Choice Awards

Best Application Process

  • Winner: BT Financial Group
  • Runners-Up: OnePath Life & Zurich Financial Services

Best Turnaround Time

  • Winner: Zurich Financial Services
  • Runners-Up: BT Financial Group & OnePath Life

Best Claims Staff

  • Winner: BT Financial Group
  • Runners-Up: Zurich Financial Services & OnePath Life

Return to Health & Wellness

  • Winner: OnePath Life
  • Runners-Up: BT Financial Group & Zurich Financial Services

Focus on Early Intervention

  • Winner: BT Financial Group
  • Runners-Up: AMP & OnePath Life

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