Zenith upgrades PM Capital Global Companies Fund


Investment research house Zenith Investment Partners has upgraded its rating of the PM Capital Global Companies Fund from ‘Recommended’ to ‘Highly Recommended’.

The PM Capital Global Companies Fund (‘Fund’) is now only one of two out of 28 investment products in its Zenith category to be rated ‘Highly Recommended’.

The rating upgrade equates to Zenith giving the Fund a score of greater than 80 out of 100 across a combination of factors including: investment team; portfolio management; product structure; and PM Capital as an organisation.

In its Review, Zenith says the Fund’s high conviction and contrarian investment approach is differentiated, and that Zenith continues to rate the PM Capital Global Companies Fund team highly.

Zenith concludes: “As a result, the Fund is one of Zenith’s preferred choices within the Zenith International Shares – Global Equities Long/ Short sector.

“Relative to Zenith’s assigned benchmark and the RBA Cash Rate, the Fund has materially outperformed since inception.”

Zenith also highlighted the Fund’s after-tax return potential: “Holding all else equal, the Fund may be more appealing to investors who are high marginal tax rate payers as it will result in superior after-tax return outcomes.”

The Fund’s Portfolio Manager, Paul Moore, said: “Zenith has a detailed approach to its research so to be rated ‘Highly Recommended’ is an honour.

“We provide opportunities significantly different to those provided by the index and more traditional benchmark-aware global equity funds.”

The Fund is available on all major platforms. The ASX-listed PM Capital Global Opportunities Fund (ASX:PGF) also uses the global equities strategy utilised by the Fund. 


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