Local stocks and broad-based international ETFs the most traded securities among Aussie investors in 2019

Adam Smith

Adam Smith

For Australian investors, this past year’s returns in global equities have been much higher than even their wildest hopes as the S&P 500 surged 29 per cent in US dollar terms, marking its best year since 2013.

Looking back at a very positive year for investors, Saxo Markets announces the most traded individual stocks and ETFs among its Australian clients in 2019 as well as the most popular current holdings.

Adam Smith, Saxo Markets Australia CEO, said: “Even though 2019 was characterised by high geopolitical uncertainty around the US-China trade war and Brexit, this did not drag on the long-term performance of global markets. Many who exercised patience between tweets and headlines throughout the year were very well rewarded.”

Most traded securities among Saxo clients in Australia in 2019

Single stocks Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
1. Afterpay Ltd (ASX: APT)

2. Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (ASX: FMG)

3. BHP Group Ltd (ASX: BHP)

4. Zip Co Ltd (ASX: Z1P)

5. Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT)

1. Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF (ASX: VAS)

2. Vanguard US Total Market Shares Index ETF (ASX: VTS)

3. Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets Shares ETF (ASX: VGE)

4. iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETF (NYSEARCA: IJH)


* By number of trades

The most-traded ETFs among Saxo clients were broad-based ETFs. Most of these securities were ETFs with overseas exposures with the exception of the most traded ETF – the Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF (ASX: VAS). 

Top current holdings among Saxo clients in Australia*

Single stocks Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
1. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)

2. Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB)

3. Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT)

4. Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN)

5. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE: BABA)

1. Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF (ASX: VAS)

2. Vanguard US Total Market Shares Index ETF (ASX: VTS)

3. Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets Shares ETF (ASX: VGE)

4. Vanguard Australian Fixed Interest Index ETF (ASX: VAF)

5. Vanguard Australian Shares High Yield ETF (ASX: VHY)

* By number of clients with open positions in Jan 2020

Currently, the top five individual stocks holdings of Saxo’s Australian clients are all international tech companies, and none are listed in the local exchange. Globally, some of these individual stocks were also among the most traded ones in Saxo Bank clients during 2019.

“Interestingly our Australian clients no longer seem to have a local bias when it comes to long-term stock holdings as they can see the opportunities that abound in international equity markets, particularly the US,” said Mr Smith. “However, interest in local names does remain strong with ASX listed stocks becoming more actively traded,” he added.

“What’s happening with ETFs is a little different. There’s a bit of cross-over between the most traded ETFs and the most popular long-term holdings because there’s just a lot of buying in this space. Australian investors have been bulking up their portfolios with broad-based ETFs, a trend that is likely to continue for many years still.”

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