Robeco appointed by Energy Super for Enhanced Indexing strategy


Energy Super has awarded Robeco a $650 million global equity Enhanced Indexing mandate.

Robeco’s Enhanced Indexing strategy aims to deliver better than market returns after costs while integrating value, momentum and quality factors. The strategy also incorporates sustainability criteria throughout the investment process.

Robeco Australia head Stephen Dennis said the appointment by Energy Super follows the strategy’s strong performance track record.

“This strategy is an attractive solution for superannuation funds looking for enhanced market returns, while improving the sustainability profile of their portfolios,” he said.

The mandate is managed by Robeco’s Quantitative Equities team, which consists of more than 40 portfolio managers and quantitative researchers dedicated to quantitative investing, research and model development. As at September 2019, Robeco managed $116 billion based on quantitative models.

Robeco’s Enhanced Indexing strategy is a proven alternative to passive investing as it offers all the benefits of this investment style while compensating for its disadvantages, such as enabling the comprehensive integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) characteristics at every step of the investment process. For example, ranking methodologies based on sustainability scores are introduced in the portfolio construction process. In addition, Robeco’s Active Ownership team actively engage with companies to make an impact. As at September 2019, Robeco managed over $200 billion in assets with ESG-integration.


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