This is what clients value about a financial advice business


What do your clients value? Ask them!

Do you truly know what your clients value about your business? If you’ve never asked them, how can you possibly know the truth?

Through the work that I do, I get the privilege of talking directly to clients of financial advisers all across Australia to find out what they value, why they remain a client plus much more.

The question of value is everywhere at the moment so I thought that in this short article I would share the top findings from years of research into what clients value about their financial adviser.

For you, it might be different but collectively the below statements are an excellent sample of what clients say they value:

  1. My adviser’s experience.
  2. They were recommended to me.
  3. The personal service I receive.
  4. Their knowledge; they are always attending training and completing further study.
  5. Value their advice; their opinions about my personal circumstances.
  6. Access to my adviser; they always call me back.
  7. Maximising my portfolio.
  8.  Their honesty and integrity.
  9.  The relationship I have with my adviser; we’ve known each other for years. so they know about me, my family, what we like and what we don’t.
  10.  They speak to me in a way in which I can understand; plain English.
  11.  They give me peace of mind that my financial future is being looked after.

Much of the above are what we call intangibles; you can’t see them necessarily only experience them.

The question is, how do you communicate intangibles to a client who hasn’t experienced your advice yet? There are many ways. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all approach or even a magic bullet! Sorry! What it comes down to is developing a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy that enables you and your business to demonstrate all of the above in a way that will resonate with your ideal client. Times have changed; there are so many ways to reach people these days which means you need to consider a multi-channel approach. People need to hear and see you [your marketing that is!] at least seven times before they really notice you!


By Rachel Staggs, Marketing Director

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