CPD options for Australian financial advisers during the current COVID-19 pandemic


AdviserVoice has over many years developed a hard-fought reputation of strong support and professional focus with and on behalf of the Australian financial advisory community.

Our dedicated team wants to take the time to remind every Australian financial adviser that we are here to support you as you provide much-needed guidance and support in turn to your clients.

It is during times of stress or crisis that financial advisers show their true colours, rising up to give reassurance, guidance and a calm voice to clients.
With the current COVID-19 issue, it is timely that we remind every adviser about the following: Currently AdviserVoice has over 60 FREE FPA-accredited CPD quizzes, across all FASEA requirement categories

3+ hours of Ethics CPD
3+ hours of Risk focussed CPD

We are adding new 4+ new CPD articles each month.

Easy sign up with no daily email blasts and immediate receipt of CPD certificate for your learning records.

Read the FASEA “Guidance on CPD compliance arising from COVID-19 business disruption”.


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