Hyperion Asset Management wins Morningstar Australia’s Domestic Equities Large Cap category


Hyperion Asset Management has won Morningstar Australia’s Domestic Equities Large Cap category, demonstrating that consistently applied rigour in investing continues to deliver outperformance above benchmarks.

Commenting on the award win, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer Mark Arnold said: “We developed Hyperion Asset Management’s bottom up, structural growth focused investment process over two decades ago. While some may not find it exciting, we have consistently applied our rigorous standards to our investment decisions across our domestic and global equities products and as a result we have delivered substantial excess returns for our clients since the business was established in 1996.

“We are a research driven business that has always taken a long-term view and invested as business owners, rather than as short-term share traders. We continue to focus on delivering long-term outperformance for our clients, and delivering for our clients over the long-term is what we find exciting,” said Mr. Arnold.

He went on to say, “Hyperion’s proprietary investment process is what allows us to identify high-quality businesses with clear and sustainable competitive advantages that are well-positioned to outperform in the long term.”

Hyperion Asset Management beat out Greencape Capital and Platypus Asset Management to claim the title.

Hyperion Asset Management has won the Domestic Equities Small Caps category four times prior and the Domestic Equities Large Caps category twice in previous years.

Jason Orthman, Deputy Chief Investment Officer added that Hyperion’s long-term focus is a vital ingredient of their success.

“We always take the long-term view rather than be distracted by short-term noise. It allows us to uncover the innovative and high-quality structural earners who are able to take market share in all sorts of environments, including economic downturns. As we head into an extended period of economic deterioration in the next five to ten years, this is ultimately what will allow Hyperion Asset Management to continue to deliver attractive returns for our investors.”

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