La Trobe Financial establishes hardship assistance program for small business customers affected by COVID-19


Cory Bannister

La Trobe Financial has announced it will offer hardship assistance for small business customers who are financially affected by the spread of COVID-19. These small businesses could be tourism operators, growers and exporters of fresh produce or businesses reliant on imports.

The hardship assistance program at La Trobe Financial is designed to help customers experiencing financial stress in times of unprecedented economic times.

The type of hardship assistance offered may include:

  • A deferral of scheduled loan repayments;
  • Waiving fees and charges;
  • Temporary interest only periods to assist with cashflow; an
  • Debt consolidation to help make repayments more manageable.

La Trobe Financial will work with its customers on a case-by-case basis and encourages any customer experiencing financial hardship, regardless of their circumstances, to contact them.

Cory Bannister, Chief Lending Officer at La Trobe Financial, commented, “We recently announced a $1 million bushfire relief package to help people affected by the devastating bushfires across Australia. Today, we are looking out for our customers who have been impacted by the spread of COVID-19. As always, we remain committed to helping our customers through these challenging times.”

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