MLC Managed Account Strategies added to Macquarie Wrap


Garry Mulcahy

MLC has announced its MLC Managed Account Strategies is now available on Macquarie Wrap, responding to adviser and investor demand and further expanding access to MLC’s recognised investment expertise.

Launched in July 2020, MLC Managed Account Strategies is also available via the MLC Wrap and Navigator platforms.

Macquarie Wrap currently has $86.6bn funds on platform. 1 Macquarie Wrap has serviced the Australian market for 20 years and is committed to delivering the best digital wealth solutions for advisers and clients.

MLC Group Executive, Asset Management, Garry Mulcahy said the addition of MLC Managed Account Strategies reflected a continued appetite among investors and clients to access professionally managed portfolios.

“We have a strong heritage of managing multi-asset diversified portfolios and via our managed accounts offering, we are able to expand access to more Australians.

“MLC Managed Account Strategies have been built based on the valued feedback of financial advisers and their clients across the country. The portfolios are designed to ensure clients are well positioned to achieve their investment goals, in line with their risk appetite and preferences,” Mr Mulcahy said.

Catering to client preferences

To meet the unique preferences of clients, MLC offers Premium model portfolios, which are fully active portfolios positioned to take advantage of market opportunities, and Value model portfolios, which use a combination of active and passive investments to add value whilst lowering investment costs.

The managed accounts leverage MLC’s proven investment management expertise and Investment Futures Framework2 , with asset allocation across the ‘moderate’, ‘assertive’ and ‘aggressive’ portfolios designed and actively managed by MLC Asset Management. The portfolios are strategically diversified across asset classes and tap the expertise of high-quality fund managers from around the globe, aligned to the stated risk profile and objective.

The contemporary structure also incorporates market-leading reporting and enables direct ownership in the underlying assets, providing client flexibility and tax-efficiencies.

Growth in managed accounts

Australians now have nearly $80bn3 invested in managed accounts as investors and their advisers continue to be attracted to the simplicity of accessing professionally managed portfolios, which offer exposure to leading investment managers, while allowing them transparency and to retain direct ownership of the underlying investments.

Commenting on the continued take up of managed accounts, Mr Mulcahy said it was no surprise the investment solution was the fastest-growing segment of the wealth industry.

The transparent, efficient and goal-focused characteristics of managed accounts are understandably appealing to advisers and their clients.

“I expect this trend to continue and even to accelerate following the extreme market volatility experienced earlier this year. Advisers and clients alike are seeing the value of professionally managed, fully diversified portfolios to better manage risk and return to help them achieve their goals.

“Looking ahead, we will continue to evolve our solution to meet the changing needs of advisers and their clients, adding other offers that draw on our deep knowledge of the investment and advice landscape,” Mr Mulcahy concluded.


[1] As at 30 June 20, Funds on platform includes Macquarie Wrap and Vision
[2] MLC:
[3] Institute of Managed Accounts Professional (IMAP), 31 December 2019

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