Allianz Donna Walker Awards winners announced


The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) is delighted to announce the winners for the Allianz Donna Walker Awards.

The Allianz Donna Walker Awards shine a light on individuals who have contributed significantly to the development of insurance professionalism and promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the industry.

The award winners were announced at ANZIIF’s Women in Insurance Virtual Event on 30 September.

Allianz Donna Walker Awards winners

Inspiring Leadership:

  • Jo Broomhall, Executive General Manager, IPAR
  • Hoa Bui, Managing Director, Bui Advisory and Non Executive Director, AIA Health

 Emerging Talent:

  • Shannen de la Motte, Junior Legal Council, AIG

Words from the award winners

“I am truly honoured to receive the Donna Walker Award for inspiring leadership. Donna worked at CGU during my time there, and although we were in different divisions our paths crossed in the workplace and at events. I remember her kindness. I also remember how highly her team spoke of her leadership. Seeing senior female leaders like Donna in the industry inspired me – perhaps that would be me some day. Today, I am so proud of all the teams I have been part of and have led over my career. I am grateful to the many inspiring leaders and mentors who helped me take that next step. And in particular, to my team at IPAR, thank you. Every day you make me a better leader through your passion and commitment to our customers and to each other.”

Jo Broomhall

“I feel very honoured to win the Allianz Donna Walker award. Donna was a business leader who was universally respected, loved by her team, her peers and her company. The win was a huge surprise, there are so many talents in the industry; for me, it was a very special moment. Donna and I both worked for the same company at the start of our career around the same time. Donna was always a senior actuary that I knew of, before I met her in person, Donna being Melbourne based and I in Sydney. Nevertheless, I am happy that I met Donna while she was alive; and I still remember clearly the day I met her in person and what we spoke about.”

Hoa Bui

“The win has definitely been a highlight during lockdown. The submission process provided an opportunity to reflect on my career and identify opportunities for growth.  In a time where young professionals can be feeling a bit stagnant in their career due to the inability to connect face to face with others in the industry, it is refreshing to see these opportunities for engagement. Whilst I never met Donna, I recall reading about her passing back in 2019 and I was in awe of her career journey and the messages she stood for. She demonstrated the role of the modern executive, displaying the leadership qualities that I strive to develop.’

Shannen de la Motte

The Allianz Donna Walker Awards were created in memory of Donna Walker. Donna Walker was a much loved and respected member of the Insurance Community. She was appointed to the ANZIIF Board in March 2017 and was highly regarded across the industry, having developed a wealth of knowledge during her expansive career.

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