Sofcorp Wealth joins new AFSL – new advice era requires alignment of values   


Tracey Sofra

Sofcorp Wealth Financial Advisors (Sofcorp) partners Tracey Sofra, Terry Sofra and Glenn Trickey have announced that the boutique financial planning practice headquartered in regional Victoria has transferred licensees and will operate under the AFSL of ASVW Financial Services Pty Ltd (ASVWFS).

Tracey Sofra is also the founder and CEO of WOW Women, an organisation dedicated to women’s economic empowerment – an acclaimed author, speaker, media commentator and recipient of financial service industry awards for her contribution to economic equality of women.

Today’s announcement is a major milestone in the 22year journey of Sofcorp said Tracey Sofra.  “Born out of Sofra Partners Chartered Accountants in 1999, Sofcorp has grown steadily and is acknowledged as a leading financial planning business providing professional advisory services to the Goulbourn Valley.”

“Although we have been very successful as a financial planning business assisting clients achieve their financial goals, the reality is to remain relevant, Sofcorp needed a true industry partner in order to be a resilient, advice business of the future.

“We acknowledged there must be a focus on providing the highest standards of advice together with best practice, digital transformation and technology in order to meet client expectations with financial advisory services that need to be delivered faster, more cost-effectively and add greater value than in the past.”

Though committed to the highest standards of financial advice and utilising the latest, technologies and processes – it’s equally important for Sofcorp to remain a boutique business that applies them with a ‘human personalised touch’ as this has been fundamental to the success of the practice since its inception.

Tracey continued, “In seeking an AFSL for the future, ASVWFS stood out with values and passion that aligned with those of Sofcorp i.e. a steadfast focus to be a boutique, advice-led business dedicated to working in partnership with like-minded professionals within a collegiate environment of managed growth and sharing value.

“In addition, it had the framework, resources and leadership team best suited to support Sofcorp’s commitment to improving the client experience through the provision of exemplary financial advice, the utilisation of advanced technology and latest processes to improve engagement, outcomes and service”.

A further critical requirement for Tracey was an AFSL that would support and enhance her WOW Women activities to empower and enrich the lives of women by assisting them to achieve financial independence, build confidence, educate, challenge the status quo, simplify and demystify money.

“We wanted a true industry partner with innovation, passion, vision and sense of purpose at its core supported by a leadership team of experienced industry professionals and ASVWFS ticked all these boxes”, said Tracey Sofra.

In welcoming Sofcorp, ASVWFS Executive Director Joe Botte said, “Since its inception, Sofcorp has been a tremendous advisory business and we’re both excited and proud to have them as a valued member of our national network.

“Our objective is to assist and coach Sofcorp achieve its long-term strategic objectives and support Tracey’s extraordinary endeavours to assist women fulfil their personal, professional and financial aspirations”.

Tracey Sofra concluded, “As an AFSL, ASVWFS has very solid fundamentals and an experienced, capable executive team led by Stuart Abley and Joe Botte.

“I look forward to working with Stuart and Joe to grasp and capitalise on the many opportunities that the group and new era will provide”.

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