XY Adviser launches recruitment marketplace to remove hiring headaches for financial advice businesses


XY Adviser has launched its ‘XY Jobs Board’.

XY Adviser, an exclusive online professional network for the financial advice industry, has launched its ‘XY Jobs Board’ to help advice businesses attract high-quality staff.

With the national unemployment rate sitting at a near 12-year low, it has never been more difficult for financial advice businesses to recruit new team members. Based on the feedback of their 4,700 strong members, XY launched this recruitment marketplace as a way to connect employers with prospective employees at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. By virtue of the XY platform as a community of motivated and innovative professionals, XY hopes to create the most concentrated marketplace of high-quality talent in the advice industry.

Founder and CEO Clayton Daniel says “We noticed finding great people was a cumbersome and expensive outcome for advisers to achieve, so we decided to do something about it. We built our online employment marketplace to help employers find new talent, and advisers find great roles in an efficient and cost-effective way, which is something we have been doing in the background for a long time. Our online employment marketplace has allowed us to scale this initiative and help even more advisers and professionals achieve great HR outcomes without spending thousands of dollars through recruiters or other online recruitment options.”

XY Adviser’s online forum regularly sees over 100 posts per month on the topic of recruitment. Through their Jobs Board, XY Adviser members can now apply for a job and find new staff for free. And for a small cost of $30 per month through an XY+ membership, members can publicly or anonymously post job opportunities when looking for great talent, or post their CV if looking for a new role. Since its launch in March, the Jobs Board has had over 6,000 member visits and has helped successfully fill 10 roles inside advice businesses.

Says Thomas Lyon, a recent jobseeker who successfully found employment through the XY Jobs Board: “(I’m) super grateful I found out about XY Adviser. I joined when I first started as an undergraduate in Financial Planning and it gave me my first insights into the types of people Financial Advisers are and what day to day looked like as a career. I joined XY+ during my move interstate and was put in contact with the person who is now my new employer! It’s so cool that the XY Jobs Board exists for Financial Advisers.”

XY has followed the launch of their Jobs Board with the addition of a ‘Practice Marketplace’ which connects those looking to sell or merge their business or book of clients with potential purchasers. This feature allows business owners to find merging opportunities, acquire modern practices or sell their business as desired. Whether they’re looking to exit or scale up their business, this practice marketplace seeks to connect innovative and forward-thinking business owners with similar objectives so they join forces and achieve win-win outcomes.

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