MLC Life Insurance announces leadership transition plans


Kent Griffin

The Board of MLC Life Insurance would like to announce that Rodney Cook, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director (CEO), intends to retire at the end of 2022 after two and a half successful years in the role.

Rodney has served in the position since June 2020 and has guided the business through a series of major changes including the completion of its technology transformation program (Sanagi), as well as meeting the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following his appointment in 2020, Rodney worked closely with the Board to strengthen the leadership team to ensure the company had strong internal candidates to take his place when he was ready to retire. Subsequently, the Board has appointed Kent Griffin, Chief Finance Officer, to succeed Rodney as CEO in late October this year.

To ensure a smooth transition, Rodney will continue to lead the business over the next five months.

MLC Limited Chairman, Peter Grey, said, “I am pleased the Board has chosen Kent to take over from Rodney as our new CEO. He is an outstanding leader and brings a wealth of commercial and strategic experience to the role.

“Since he joined us in early 2020, Kent has helped to strengthen our business and has overseen our return to profitability. He is a strong leader with a clear vision for the future of MLC life Insurance as we face the challenges of a fast-changing life insurance sector and ever evolving customer needs.

“On behalf of the Board, I want to extend our sincere thanks to Rodney for guiding us successfully over the last two years. During his tenure, Rodney commenced an important change to our culture and mindset to one that is relentlessly focussed on the needs of our customers. We are confident this good work will continue after his departure.”

Kent Griffin said, “I am honoured to have the opportunity to lead MLC Life insurance as we seek to achieve our ambition of becoming Australia’s leading and most trusted life insurer. With the continued backing of our shareholders Nippon Life and NAB, I am confident in the bright future for our company and its customers, partners and people.”

Kent has over thirty years’ experience in financial services, both in Australia and internationally. Prior to joining MLC Life Insurance in February 2020, Kent was the Chief Financial Officer of TAL (2012-19). Before that, he was a partner of Ernst & Young (2010-2012) and Regional Chief Financial Officer of AXA Asia Life (2007-2009).

Kent has a Bachelor of Economics, is a Fellow of the Actuaries Institute, a Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary, and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has served on several Boards, both in Australia and internationally, and is currently a Director of Hume Bank and a Board Member of the Country Fire Authority.

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