4D Infrastructure launches currency hedged fund


Sarah Shaw

Fund manager 4D Infrastructure, a Bennelong boutique, has launched a new currency hedged fund, the 4D Global Infrastructure Fund (AUD Hedged).

4D’s flagship fund has been renamed the 4D Global Infrastructure Fund (Unhedged) for clarity. Its investment team, objectives and processes remain unchanged.

Sarah Shaw, 4D’s global portfolio manager and CEO/CIO, said that increasing client demand led to the introduction of a hedged product, which aims to mitigate the impact of currency by hedging foreign currency exposure.

“We’re committed to making our strategy available to anyone who wants access to the attractive and growing investment themes of global infrastructure, which offers defensive characteristics plus growth and generally displays lower volatility of earnings and higher yields than the broader equity markets,” she said.

“The revenues of most of the portfolio’s stocks also have some form of inflation hedge, whether explicit or implicit.”

Ms Shaw emphasised that the Hedged Fund would be managed according to the same investment strategy as the Unhedged Fund, which has returned 8.81% p.a.* since its inception in 2016 (outperforming the fund’s benchmark of the OECD G7 Inflation Index + 5.5%).

“We’ll continue to manage both funds in line with our proven strategy, aiming to deliver attractive total returns over the long term,” she said.

4D was established in 2015 by Ms Shaw and Greg Goodsell in partnership with Bennelong Funds Management. It is majority-owned by its team, who also invest in the strategy – ensuring their goals are aligned with those of their investors. In addition to the Hedged and Unhedged Funds, 4D also manages a dedicated emerging markets strategy, the 4D Emerging Markets Infrastructure Fund.


* As at 30 June 2022, after fees and expenses. Past fund performance is not indicative of future performance.

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