North expands Platform offering with launch of low-cost Diversified Index Managed Portfolio range


Edwina Maloney

North, one of Australia’s leading wrap investment platforms, continues to bolster its investment menu with the launch of its new low-cost Diversified Index Managed Portfolio range.

The five risk-based multi-asset portfolios allow advisers to service clients with various balances and investment goals at a highly competitive rate and are available in MyNorth Super, Pension or Investment accounts.

Advisers on North can now service a younger demographic of clients seeking a flexible, diversified, and low-cost investment solution that meets their goals.

The new range is also a great option for advisers who are looking for low-cost options that deliver more transparency than a traditional managed fund.

It can be used as a standalone investment or a component of an individualised core-satellite investment solution.

Rising demand for low-cost index portfolios

According to a recent Investment Trends report[1], 15% of new client inflows into managed portfolios over the last 12 months went into index managed fund portfolios, as advisers continue to recognise managed accounts as a significant investment vehicle for providing accessible and affordable financial advice.

The Investment Trends report also shows that one of the primary reasons advisers selected North as their main managed accounts platform was because of its existing in-specie management tools[2].

This means advisers can seamlessly transfer assets from one portfolio to the next, allowing them to serve multiple clients within the same family and across generations while reducing buy/sell and CGT costs.

With North’s Diversified Index range, advisers can now capture low-balance accumulators who are looking to progress from a passively managed portfolio into the actively managed Index Plus (Core Satellite) portfolio as their balance grows and their investment needs become more complex.

Australia on cusp of ‘largest intergenerational wealth transfer’

The annual value of intergenerational wealth transfer has more than doubled since 2002 and could rise four-fold in real terms between now and 2050, as household wealth grows and the population ages[3].

With 9 million Australians set to retire over the next 40 years, advisers must increasingly look at ways to help service the next generation of clients.

With its Diversified Index Managed Portfolio range, North is equipping practices with a market-leading offering that helps advisers manage intergenerational wealth transfers with ease and plan for client succession with a flexible, low-cost solution for low-balance accumulators, while also leveraging the in-specie asset transfer benefits.

With exposure to nine sectors including Emerging Market Equities, Australian and International Property and Global Listed Infrastructure, the range offers the potential for higher absolute and risk-adjusted returns as AMP continues to invest in choice and optionality for advisers. AMP Limited ABN 49 079 354 519

Brad Creighton, AMP SMA Lead Portfolio Manager said: “We’re excited to be growing our range of managed portfolios. Yes, the price point is an attractive feature of Diversified Index, however this product is really about enabling advisers to provide and construct the most robust investment solutions for their clients.

“There are always going to be clients that either require or prefer a low-cost solution. Equally, there is a considerable number of clients suited to a more bespoke and sophisticated investment solution where a mix of low-cost ‘core’ and higher cost ‘satellite’ components represent the optimal solution. Diversified Index is designed to play a role in all of those situations.”

“What makes this passive investment offering unique to North is that the single sector building blocks are portable across other North managed portfolio solutions, enabling low friction transitioning as clients’ investment needs evolve.”

“That’s what makes it a compelling investment journey solution which reaps ongoing benefits over time in the form of taxation and convenience.”

Edwina Maloney, AMP Group Executive, Platforms said: “Our mission at North is simple, helping to make North the platform of choice for more advisers because of its breadth of features, functionality and ease of use.”

“Advisers are increasingly looking for ways to service a broader pool of younger clients and we’re pleased to be giving them the support they need with an exciting new range aimed at low balance accumulators.”

“With older Australians expected to pass on $3.5 trillion in inheritances by 2050, we’re passionate about helping advisers support this critical intergenerational wealth leap by helping them capture the clients of tomorrow.”


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