DASH launches HealthyMeWise to complement its Digital Advice Solution


Terri Ho

DASH Technology Group (DASH) has teamed up with HealthyMe Digital (HMD) to provide a holistic digital financial advice solution which delivers relevant health and wellbeing content to clients. Through this joint venture, DASH aims to provide bite-sized, accessible content that individuals can easily consume and apply, fostering lasting positive changes in their lives.

Recognising the prevalent challenge of affordability and accessibility of financial advice, with recent research showing that only 10 percent of Australians sought professional financial advice in the past year*, DASH’s digital advice journeys assist advisers and superannuation funds in delivering personal and affordable advice, and thereby alleviating financial stress.

DASH’s Head of Adviser Solutions, Terri Ho, highlights that for many Australians, not having financial advice could lead to financial uncertainty, which in turn impacts their wellbeing, leading to bad financial decisions. Assisting individuals to look at their situation from both a financial and personal lens, means they have a better chance of making long lasting changes for the better.

Ho emphasises, “Our joint venture with HealthyMe Digital endeavours to provide balanced and holistic wellness resources in different formats. This is while being able to access personal financial advice and track their ongoing progress towards their financial goals.”

HealthyMeWise spans various categories, including financial well-being, mental health, lifestyle, and transformational topics.  The content is already leveraged by some of Australia’s largest companies, including one of Australia’s top four banks. HMD’s content has become an invaluable resource across both private and public sector organisations.

The utilisation of digital journeys has gained traction among advisers, institutions and super funds seeking to engage either low-balance clients or to reach more super fund members more effectively. Offering a comprehensive solution to this demographic is pivotal in closing the advice gap prevalent in Australia.

This content is accessible to DASH’s current advisers for white-labelling purposes, as well as institutional clients already utilising DASH’s digital advice solution.


[1] Source: Investment Trends

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