MDS & Libertas team up to offer advisers new ‘Build your own Dealer Group’ option

MDS & Libertas offer tools to build it yourself.

MDS & Libertas offer tools to build it yourself.

My Dealer Services Pty Ltd (MDS) Chairman Don Wiggins has announced that the specialist support service provider for advisers seeking their own Australia Financial Services Licence (AFSL) has teamed together with Libertas Solutions Pty Ltd (Libertas) in a strategic partnership to address growing demand by advisers to operate under their own licence, not only as an individual, but now also as a group.

Don Wiggins also confirmed that the MDS – Libertas strategic partnership has achieved their first success by setting up and providing the back office infrastructure for a group of 20 advisory practices that came together to establish their own dealer group.

Following the success of its first licence offering, Libertas Managing Director Mark Euvrard confirmed that plans were well advanced to launch a new offering in early October.

“The vision of Libertas is to allow advisers with similar interests and marketplace offering to join forces and operate under a dealer group that is specifically focused on their very unique needs and requirements”, said Euvrard.

“At the same time, they are able to outsource the dealer group services to an industry professional thus allowing the advisers to focus on their clients and related business activities”.

The benefits of the Libertas small focussed dealer group approach versus the larger option are significant added Euvrard sighting low PI excess and costs, quality independent research, ongoing CPD offering, commission with Fee Disclosure Statement capabilities and strategy focussed PD days.

All these positives combine to make the independent AFSL offering by MDS and Libertas quite compelling.

Supporting the Libertas experience, Don Wiggins said that the number of enquiries from advisers wishing to set up their own licence has continued unabated all year and he expects that this will continue into the foreseeable future. This new group offering gives advisers a new option in the independent AFSL space.

“The driving force behind the interest in MDS and Libertas is the demand from advisers seeking a viable cost effective alternative that provides them with independence and control over their destiny whilst operating within a fully compliant team / collegiate environment”.

“The MDS – Libertas AFSL facility has been developed so that any group of individual advisers can move right in without the wait normally associated with starting a dealer group from scratch”, concluded Don Wiggins.

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