Future2 poised for further growth as it enters its seventh year

Patrick Canion

Patrick Canion

An expanding grants program, stronger financial position and closer collaboration with the Financial Planning Association and its members, have created a firm foundation for Future2 as it enters a seventh year of operation.

Gathered for a strategy and board meeting in late January, Future2 welcomed two additional board directors: Patrick Canion and Mark Rantall . Under the Memorandum of Understanding signed in mid 2013 between Future2 and FPA with a view to cementing and extending their relationship, three FPA board directors now sit on the Future2 board.

“A more broadly based board and clear succession plan are key to the next stage of Future2’s growth,” said Steve Helmich, Future2 Chair

“We are considering skills and experience sets that will complement those of the current board and we will make further appointments that continue to strengthen our capacity for good governance, fundraising and grant making,” he added.

Taking stock of achievements, Future2 trustees noted:

  • Grants of over $300,000 awarded since 2007, giving a second chance and hope for a better future to young Australians in need in every state and territory;
  • Total equity of over $500,000, which has been prudently accumulated from monies raised while increasing grants awarded year on year;
  • Growing and repeat fundraising efforts by financial planners in support of Future2’s grants to community not-for-profits.

“Financial planners measure their success through the difference they make in the lives of clients. Many are also actively engaged in their wider communities to give a helping hand to people struggling with disadvantage and exclusion. Their involvement with and support for Future2’s charitable giving is another sign of this strong community focus and professional responsibility,”Mr Helmich said.

“Looking forward, Future2 trustees agreed strategic priorities are to:

  • Further increase engagement and emotional ‘buy-in’ with Future2 among FPA Chapters and members
  • Help to build respect of financial planners in the community
  • Create a longer term engagement with the community organizations that receive grants
  • Increase the total value of grants made in 2014 to $70,000 and in 2015 to $100,000

“You only need to hear the stories of some of the young people who have benefited from grants, and to read their heartfelt notes of thanks, to know that we are making a difference that far exceeds the value of the money we are able to give,” Mr Helmich said.

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