Can that “expert” actually walk the talk?

Make sure they can walk the talk...

Make sure they can walk the talk…

It is true: the easiest people to sell to are the people who sell. For some time I have been watching with great interest, and finding myself shaking my head in amazement with increasing vigor, as more professionals begin to switch on to digital marketing and social media use in particular.   The truly amazing thing is who they are turning to for advice….

There is a heck of a lot of “trust me, I am a guru” from people who are only half a step ahead of you.

Professional advisers know how important their own credibility is….but seem to be neglecting to check the credibility of the “experts” they are taking advice from.

About two dozen advisers & accountants have asked me in recent months about a particular expert they were considering hiring to help them crack the digital marketing issues for their own business, usually after attending a conference or workshop and listening to these experts tout their wares.

My response?

“Google them. See if they are actually doing what you want done.

Can they walk the talk?”

So we Googled the particular experts to see whether they do…we Googled them to determine their credibility on the very issue they were holding out as an area of expertise.  It might seem a very simplistic way of assessing whether someone is worth talking to, but I figure that if someone is going to hold themselves out as an expert in digital media then they should be able to use it pretty well to promote their own business.

This is what we found:

1.  A specialty “social media” outsourcing firm for professional services.  Actively promoting their expertise  and “training” people in how to use social media.

Principal’s public stats.

LinkedIn contacts: 219.  Max endorsements in any category: 25

The Firms public stats.

LinkedIn company page followers: 6

Blog: 1 article – actually a re-post of someone else’s writing – in last 5 months.

Twitter: Principal has 831 followers

Facebook: 807 page fans

There appears to be zero Video, Pinterest or other social media channels being used….and I suspect that is not a deliberate strategy.

….I’ve seen enough to make my mind up regarding the professional credibility of getting this firm, or person, to give me advice on how to use social media.


2.  A digital marketing all-in-one solutions provider.  Specialist in being seen and found apparently.

Principal’s public stats.

Twitter: 1557 followers.  Appears to post about once a day on average.

LinkedIn: 500+ connections.  Regular posting.  Gets a big tick.

Firms public stats.

Facebook Page: 925 Likes.  Regular posting.

Blog: produce targeted content weekly of good quality. Gets a big tick.

LinkedIn company page: 6 followers.

Youtube: 4 subscribers.

No other apparent social media channels in use, though that may be a deliberate strategy.


3.  (My personal favourite!A specialist Social Media Consultant for professionals. Providing full blog management including content creation, social media platform creation and management.  Experts in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  (partly a personal fave as this lot do the most trash-talking that I’ve come across….)

Principal’s public stats.

LinkedIn contacts: 82.  Max endorsements in any category: 5

Twitter:  87 followers.  Note: doesn’t follow his own company on Twitter.

The Firms public stats.

LinkedIn company page: doesn’t have one

Website:  All links from social sites lead to a “cannot be found”. Further digging reveals a domain name change…get to the site and find ZERO social media connection capability or links on their own website to their own social media channels.  Complete lack of content apart from the blog…

Blog: Inactive.  Last post was November 2013

Twitter: 44 followers

Facebook: Page down (has been for months). Zero Facebook presence.

Google +: 64 followers and active posting schedule


It really is all about credibility isn’t it?  Exactly the same as it is for you as a professional when any potential client does their research on you….you expect them to be doing that, and you prepare for that.  That’s why so many are now looking more deeply into how to use social media and other digital marketing methods better…to enhance professional credibility.

So when the next guru tosses up a pitch at a conference with a special deal to make all your pain go away, rather than spend hours wondering and canvassing opinion as to whether they are the Chosen One, hit Google instead.  That will be good enough to determine whether you should even consider them in the first place.

Other warning signs:

  • Excessive and protracted claims of superiority or originality
  • Use of the words “guru”, “ninja”, “change agent”….or anything just as silly.
  • Exaggerated performance and future revenue promises
  • Lack of actual performance figures, client testimonials, or real case studies.
  • Inability to create relevant content to demonstrate their expertise.

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