La Trobe Financial committed to gender equality


La Trobe Financial is recognised as a complying organisation for gender equality by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and is committed to growing its female leaders.

Greg O’Neill, La Trobe Financial’s CEO commented that “putting inclusive behaviours at the core of what we do and making gender equality a business priority not only benefits the women we employ, but also the organisation as a whole and the clients, customers and communities we serve. Our dedication and commitment to driving change should educate and inspire other employers to make a difference, whatever their size or sector.”

La Trobe Financial conducts a number of initiatives aimed at encouraging a diverse and inclusive workforce. Bev Christou, Head of Operations stated “attracting, retaining and promoting female talent is critical to our business success and to delivering the best services to our clients. Through internal networks and groups, education, measurement and management, we work closely with our leaders and our people to support their careers and our business goals. We share best practice and collaborate to further develop our unified diversity and inclusion strategies and initiatives throughout the organisation.”

O’Neill further commented that “our staff are our greatest ambassadors. All employees are treated as individuals, deserving the respect of their subordinates, peers and managers. Without each other’s support and commitment, we would not be one of Australia’s leading credit special fund managers.”

Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (the Act) was established to promote and improve gender equality. The Act was designed for organisations to close the gap between the genders in the workplace, including full and part-time employees, occupation and remuneration. For over 60 years La Trobe Financial has always recognised that its employees are the very core of the company’s successful existence no matter what gender. The company has had a long history of ensuring women in the workforce are given equal opportunity with male counterparts having started a female superannuation fund for all female staff in 1968.

The Act introduces a new reporting and compliance framework. This is an important initiative which aims to reduce the regulatory burden on employers, encourage measures that improve gender equality outcomes and provide a rich data set that the Workplace Gender Equality Agency will analyse to develop industry based educational benchmarks and future strategies to improve general equality in Australian workplaces.

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