AFA 2015 National Adviser Conference – Meet the Professionals and Meet the Innovators

2013 AFA Adviser of the year winner, Jenny Brown

2013 AFA Adviser of the year winner, Jenny Brown

The Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) is again running its hugely successful Meet the Professionals and Meet the Innovators roundtables at the 2015 AFA National Adviser Conference in Cairns (the AFA Conference).

The roundtables are 25-minute power sessions of 10 to 20 delegates, conducted by a leading professional or innovator and are a long time favourite of delegates to the AFA Adviser Conference. Individuals chosen to lead the sessions have been selected because they have a unique insight or competitive advantage, or have brought an innovative idea to help support and grow the financial advice market.

AFA Conference Co-Chair Jenny Brown said the roundtables take a collaborative approach to sharing solutions to common business challenges and opportunities and the demand to participate is always high.

“We believe this is because Meet the Professionals and Meet the Innovators offer advisers a rare opportunity to pick the brains of highly successful and highly innovative people in the advice community,” Ms Brown said. “The small group format means advisers actually meet these people face-to-face and can therefore ask questions and find solutions that are most relevant to them and their practices.”

The Meet the Professionals roundtable will include presentations featuring people such as 2014 Rising Star Ben Budge, Jenny Pearse from Jenesis and Slipstream Coaching Director, Scott Charlton.

Mr Charlton, who is also author of Partnering with Accountants, said his presentation will address the ways in which advisers can build and cultivate relationships with the accounting profession.

“My presentation is about fostering the collaboration between financial advice and accounting so that we achieve the best possible end results for clients. I believe that if we can improve that collaboration then collectively we can improve the wealth of the nation,” he said.

The Meet the Innovators roundtable will feature people such as Harvey James of Enterprise Coach, Malcolm LeLievre from DNA Behaviour and Sue Viskovic, Managing Director of Elixir Consulting and author of an upcoming book on how advisers who write risk can thrive with or without commissions.

Ms Viskovic said her roundtable will look at overcoming the challenges of charging for insurance advice. “We have a lot of experience with pricing models for advice practices and have helped many start to charge fees for insurance advice – and it’s a whole different ballgame,” she said. “We have a tried and tested model to help with the process and we will be sharing our insights with advisers who come along to our session.”

Ms Brown said the roundtables demonstrate the AFA’s fundamental belief that peer-to-peer learning is an essential ingredient in the growth and development of advisers.

“Formal education is very important but so is learning from contemporaries and from people who have been very successful in the advice arena,” she said. “The AFA not only encourages this kind of learning, but actively supports and facilitates it via the Meet the Professionals and Meet the Innovators roundtables at the AFA Conference. It is another example of what makes the AFA such a strong community and what makes the AFA Conference a must-attend for advisers who are serious about succeeding in our profession.”

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