5 easy ways to use social media to get noticed by your prospects


Clever use of social media can get you noticed.

Advisers keep saying that they struggle to get noticed by their ideal prospects. Advisers also keep saying that they can’t see the point of social media.

Uhhhmmm….maybe the thing they can’t see the point of is the very thing that will fix the other thing?

Let’s say you want to target some business owners, or the CEO’s of certain types of business as an example.  There is a pretty good chance these days that those people are using social media in some manner to promote themselves or their businesses.  So they are out there in social media land in some capacity.  Almost certainly they are on LinkedIn.  They probably have a Twitter account.  Maybe a blog as well.  Quite possibly a YouTube channel….You get the point: there is an example group of great prospects who are using social media in some capacity to promote their own venture or reputation.

And advisers keep wondering how to get the attention of these ideal prospects…..

Here’s a home truth:  Unless your ideal prospect is the unusual character like Seth Godin who seems to basically follow nobody else, these ideal prospects will be watching who is following them, or engaging with them and their brand, and who is sharing their content and helping spread their brand message.

There is the cue for getting noticed by your ideal prospect!

Simple actions can, and do, lead to them noticing you and then engaging with you, and ultimately being willing to take that engagement offline and into the real world.  But it starts with simple actions, such as:

  1. Follow them on Twitter, or follow them on LinkedIn.
  2. Pay attention to when they post their content, and share it amongst your networks.
  3. Make comments on their blogs and content.
  4. Ask them questions which highlight their expertise or give them an opportunity to showcase their value proposition, on Twitter, or LinkedIn groups, or their blog or YouTube channel
  5. Subscribe to their blog feeds or YouTube channels, or joinLinkedIn groups

These are all simple and painless things to do, but they are all easy actions that will bring you to the attention (in a positive way) of the person you want to get in front of.  Do all of them and you are definitely getting noticed and building goodwill.

Might social media be a useful thing in building your advice business after all?

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