SUPERCentral announces new course for advisers to confidently meet the needs of the inter-generational wealth transfer demand


Peter Townsend

For advisers, there hasn’t been a better time to integrate estate planning into their practice as Australia enters the greatest period of inter-generational wealth transfer in history.

The demand for estate planning is rapidly growing and advisers will need to come up to speed if they wish to remain current and be able to meet the requirements of their clients.

The EPAdvantage ‘Real Life Estate Plans’ Course, recently launched by SUPERCentral and Townsends Lawyers, provides advisers with a smart growth path to help realise the opportunities presented to them in this area.

“The course was developed in response to the many advisers who asked us for a practical training course in estate planning. The ‘scenario- based’ course is designed to impart the hands-on knowledge and skills advisers need to confidently address the ‘real-life’ client scenarios they are met with on a regular basis.

“This course completes our EPAdvantage Estate Planning Program, an end-to-end solution that gives advisers immediate access to everything they need to provide a holistic, cost-effective and professional estate planning service, with particular focus on mitigating adviser risk,” said Peter Townsend, Managing Director of SUPERCentral.

The course will be delivered by specialist solicitors from Townsends Lawyers, and scheduled to start 23 March 2017.

Program information, cost and registration details.

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