Ardea hits $10bn funds under management milestone


Tamar Hamlyn

Fixed income specialist Ardea Investment Management today announced its total funds under management had exceeded $10 billion.

Ardea Principal and co-founder Ben Alexander welcomed the achievement, saying it was underpinned by his investment team generating attractive returns throughout market cycles and consistently exceeding investor expectations.

This strong performance and careful risk management has driven institutional and retail client growth, generated endorsement by major asset consultants and enabled Ardea to become a trusted partner to some of Australia’s largest investors.

“Key to this has been the stability of the team, the diversity of our experience across global markets and our ability to tailor performance outcomes for larger clients. Most importantly, Ardea is grateful to the many clients who have supported us over the years and given us the opportunity to build a significant business” Mr Alexander said.

Established in 2008 by Mr Alexander, Andrew Bartlett, Tamar Hamlyn and Stephen Clout, who together own the majority of the firm, Ardea is partly owned by Fidante Partners, which supports specialist funds management businesses.

Ardea has forged a successful track record of actively managing a range of defensive fixed income strategies, including absolute return, benchmark aware and objective based solutions. It actively invests across Australian and global government bonds, fixed income derivatives, inflation-linked bonds and investment grade credit.

Of particular note has been the strong growth in Ardea’s absolute return focused, ‘Real Outcome’ strategy, which now has in excess of $1bn under management. Investors have been attracted by the strategy’s ability to deliver absolute returns irrespective of broader market conditions. The highly liquid and defensive strategy has returned 5.70%* over the past year, with low volatility, minimal duration risk and no credit investments.

Recognising its strong track record, differentiated investment philosophy and the quality of the investment team, Zenith Investment Partners has awarded the Real Outcome Fund a ‘Recommended’ rating, supporting growing demand from retail advisors.

Ardea’s long established and highly regarded inflation linked investing capabilities are well known and accessed by institutional investors via tailored mandates or more broadly through Ardea’s Australian Inflation Linked Bond Fund, which currently has $800 million under management.

Ardea offers tailored mandates to institutional investors, as well as broader institutional, wholesale and retail access via three unit trusts; Ardea Real Outcome Fund, Ardea Real Outcome Plus Fund and Ardea Australian Inflation Linked Bond Fund.

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