Pendal Group starts trading on the ASX and new brand unveiled


James Evans and Emilio Gonzalez

Pendal Group Limited, formerly BT Investment Management, last Friday unveiled its new brand and was welcomed to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) with its updated ticker, PDL.  Pendal’s Chairman, James Evans, and Group CEO, Emilio Gonzalez, rang the bell to commence trading for the day.

Speaking at the celebratory event at the ASX, Mr Gonzalez said, “When BTIM floated on the ASX in 2007, it was a company with an impressive pedigree.  But, more importantly, it was a company with a vision for its future.  A vision which is being realised under its own identity.

“The execution of this vision has seen us develop from a domestically focused, equities-only fund manager, to a truly global asset manager.  We have built a reputation for ourselves; as an investment-led boutique fund manager, which attracts and retains the best talent and delivers outperformance for its clients.  It is a reputation which the Board, management, and shareholders agree now requires a brand name and identity that belongs to the business.”

The new name was approved at a General Meeting of shareholders last week with 99.6 per cent voting for the name change.

The name came from the reverse of Dal(gety) and Pen(sion) – to form Pendal being BT’s original nominee firm, which was established in 1971 to hold assets on behalf of its first potential client Dalgety.

Mr Gonzalez said, “It was important that the name capture two things; the firm’s pride in its history, as well as confidence in its future – and “Pendal” does just that.

Mr Gonzalez said that the company’s new logo sought to reflect another aspect of its business and what it does; finding the balance between risk and return.  The logo captures the true and tested philosophy of considering returns against risk.  It is in every investment we make or not make.  It is inherent in how we construct our portfolios and now forms part of our brand.

But he said, the rebranding process was about much more than designing a new logo.

“We saw it as an opportunity to distil and articulate our vision, our purpose and our company values.

“Trust is very topical at the moment; it is a reminder that it must be earned, and it must never be taken for granted, or exploited.  Relationships are central to everything we do; and our success is shared; with staff, with clients, and with shareholders.

“These values are our guiding stars.  They are integral to the vision we have for the future of our company, Pendal Group.”

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