Equity Trustees announces Tony Lally as new super board chair


Equity Trustees has announced the appointment of Tony Lally to the chair of the Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited Board to replace John Crocker who will retire from the position.

Equity Trustees is Australia’s leading specialist trustee company and operates The Executive Superannuation Fund. Most recently it entered into an alliance with Aon which will create a $5.2 billion superannuation partnership, confirming its place as the leading provider of the outsourced trustee model for Australia’s rapidly growing superannuation market.

With decades of experience in the superannuation industry, as well as funds management in Australia and internationally Mr Lally has the experience and expertise to help the Equity Trustees’ Superannuation Trustee business to consolidate its leading position.

“Mr Lally brings excellent expertise and experience in areas including life insurance, funds management, strategy development, sales and marketing, financial management, superannuation, risk management and financial planning in Australia and internationally. We congratulate him on his appointment and look forward to working with him to building and strengthening our superannuation trustee business,” said Mick O’Brien, Managing Director, Equity Trustees.

“Appointing a specialist trustee is fast becoming an attractive option in the superannuation funds market. With our outsourced service model, organisations retain all of their commercial interests while providing assurance to their members that there is independent oversight of the funds they have trusted to be invested wisely for their retirement.

“The issue of independence is especially being highlighted with the current Royal Commission examining just what it means to have independence in decision making and what constitutes a conflict in that process. Equity Trustees was established to be an independent, specialist trustee 130 years and our purpose remains just as relevant today.”

Mr Lally’s current appointments include Self Wealth Ltd (Chair) and the Cycling Australia Coaching Commission, and previously included the International Centre for Pensions Management (ICPM), Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), Deutsche Asset Management and Commonwealth Life Ltd, among others.

Originally an actuary, Mr Lally was CEO of Sunsuper until 2013 and led the company through a period of transformation, more than doubling FUM during his tenure.
Mr Lally joins independent directors Catherine Robson and Ellis Varejes on the Board, which also includes Mr O’Brien and General Manager of the Superannuation Trustee business, Mark Blair.

“I take this opportunity to thank the outgoing chair Mr Crocker for 12 years of service. We have benefited greatly from his experience. He was part of the industry during its key formative years and through the period before it became such a significant part of the financial industry landscape, and had a long and successful career which included the AMP Society and Tower Perrin. Since retirement, he served on numerous boards in the financial services and superannuation industries,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Mr Lally will admirably follow in the footsteps of Mr Crocker. We are very fortunate to attract experience of this calibre and quality to our Board,” concluded Mr O’Brien.
The appointment is effective this month (1 June).

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