FASEA approves additional historical and new degrees and bridging courses


Historical degree – University of Canberra

FASEA has confirmed its approval of the historical Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning for University of Canberra commenced between 1 January 2003 and 31 December 2005.Advisers who have completed this course of study are only required to complete a FASEA Ethics for Professional Advisers bridging course to meet the education standard. FASEA ethics bridging courses are currently offered at 11 universities throughout Australia.

New Masters, Graduate Diploma and bridging courses – RMIT University

Also, the Standards Authority has approved the following new courses for RMIT University:

  • Master of Financial Planning
  • Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning

Completion of either the Master or Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning will enable candidates to satisfy the education standard

In addition, FASEA has approved three (3) bridging courses to be offered by the University

  • Professional Ethics,
  • Financial Planning Regulatory Obligations; and
  • Behavioural Finance Advice

The bridging courses are available for existing advisers to meet their education requirements.

FASEA’s review of the courses follows an application from each of the Universities. The approvals are recognition of the alignment of the listed courses with FASEA’s required curriculum and standards.

The approved courses will be added to a future Degree, Qualifications and Courses legislative instrument.

“The approval of these additional courses builds on the body of courses approved by FASEA and provides additional choice to advisers seeking to meet the education standard,” FASEA Chief Executive Officer Stephen Glenfield said.

FASEA has since 2017 approved a wide range of courses that meet required curriculum standards including 73 Historical Courses, 55 current Bachelor or higher degrees and 33 Bridging courses.

FASEA is committed to continuing to assess any further applications received from Higher Education Providers in respect of courses to meet FASEA’s education standard.

The full list of FASEA approved degrees, Bridging Courses and Graduate Diplomas is available on the FASEA website (link).

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