FASEA update: Helping advisers prepare for the exam


With five Exam sittings remaining for existing advisers to sit and pass the exam, FASEA draws advisers’ attention to support and materials available to assist their exam preparation.

Pre-exam webinar series

Advisers who book to sit an exam will be invited to attend a Pre-Exam webinar hosted by FASEA.  The webinar covers exam essentials including;

  • an understanding of how the exam is constructed,
  • what the exam is testing,
  • the type of questions you can expect and how best to structure your responses,
  • how to use FASEA’s preparation resources, and
  • various tips for how to plan your study and exam day.

There is an opportunity to ask the presenter questions at the end.

The webinar is at no cost to advisers and will be run before each Exam sitting in 2021 and only advisers who have registered for the exam will receive an e-invite.

Exam resources

FASEA encourages all advisers to refer to key resources provided on the FASEA website when preparing for their exam sitting as follows:

  1. FASEA FG003 Exam Preparation Guidance, which includes the detailed curriculum and a suggested reading list.
  2. The candidate video; and
  3. Practice Questions – the FG004 Financial Adviser Exam Practice Questions, is regularly updated before each exam sitting. Advisers who have booked in for the Exam may access the online version of the practice questions which is accessible via their candidate registration account.

Key information regarding the Exam can be found on the FASEA website.

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